Brand assets look into the future







Renovating the visual identity of an iconic brand like GIOTTO, protecting the brand’s awareness, so familiar with a cross-generational target: this is the challenge we faced with FILA, working on the rebranding of historic brand GIOTTO, Italy’s leader in products addressed to pre-school and school children for painting, drawing and colouring.
The strategic work at the base of rebranding showed the direction that GIOTTO was to undertake in the future, becoming a more captivating and dynamic brand yet always near, thanks to the new contemporary and timeless look & feel dominated by colour and creativity, the brand’s cross generational fil rouge.

Packaging design
GIOTTO’s packaging is white, metaphor of the sheet of paper on which one can free his own creativity, with the brand’s visual assets emerging: logo, colour and the famous cartoon, redesigned with the aim of never losing its brand awareness and the emotional bond that the brand has always had with its audience. With a careful eye tracking study of the packaging, we wanted to guarantee the correct use of product information and brand values.
The GIOTTO brand and key visual
The logo, no longer inclined and pointy but soft and reassuring with the two Os recalling Giotto's perfect circle, has a simple and close-to-the-audience design. The textural key visual highlights colour and mark, with dynamic shapes hinting to digital language.
GIOTTO’s rebranding answered the need to engage a continually evolving target, more and more used to digital communication codes, yet without losing the value of creativity as a gratifying, practical and tangible experience.