Branded environment

Concept, design, customer journey







FANUC, for the realization of its first Italian flagship, asked Cabiria BrandUniverse to elaborate a creative concept
to dress its spaces on the basis of their corporate values applying a customer oriented approach.
The aim of the building is to offer an immersive experience of the brand universe.
The concept talks of the very essence of the FANUC brand, strongly rooted in the Japanese culture:
Genmitsu (perfection) and Tomei (trasparency).

The reason why of the building is to leave a mark on the environment and into the workers’ everyday life,
but also to visitors and clients, always underlining FANUC’s finality of creating connections, synergies and long-lasting
relationships between the brand and its stakeholders.

In cooperation with the client and the team of architects, Cabiria took an active part in the creation
of the customer journey: customised experiences for employee, clients and suppliers.